Q+A with Evergreens Salad

U Village: Three dudes and you came up with a salad place? Please explain. 
Hunter: Three skinny dudes!  The real answer is that it was a perfect storm of factors: passion for food, passion for staying active and living/eating healthy, a passion for entrepreneurship and of course we saw the business opportunity. We were one of the first businesses in Seattle to bring healthy, natural, local food to the market in a quick service environment.

U Village: What’s the most challenging thing about owning your own business?
Hunter: Finding good people and trusting them. To small business owners, your business is your dream, your livelihood, your baby and it’s really a challenge to 1) find great people to help you grow your business and 2) trust that when you need you let go of certain tasks or responsibilities that you have total faith in your team to get  the job done. You need to be completely sure that your guests and customers will receive the same level of service as if it were you behind the counter.

U Village: If you were a green which one would you be: kale, romaine or spinach? 
Hunter: Kale! Because it’s not just trendy and cool, it’s tough too! 😉

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