Q+A with Mrs. Cook’s

U Village: What’s the best advice you received about owning your own business?
Carol: Location, location, location.

U Village: What’s the most important thing about shopping locally?
Carol: I think it’s a sense of community. As people have begun to move from small towns to big cities, commute to where they work and disengage from close family and neighbors, the local businesses remain a point of connection.  We recognize your face even if we don’t know your name. We know your dog loves our cookies and we watch your kids grow.  As local business owners we support our neighborhoods, we hire the college kids, we donate to the local schools and we live where we work.

U Village: Forty years in business — what’s your secret?
Carol: Empower the people you work with. It may sound corny but it’s the team that makes the whole thing work.

U Village: What’s the most surprising popular item in your store?
Carol: The beep egg. It’s an egg timer that sings when your egg is done cooking. Who knew?!

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