Q+A with The Confectionery

U Village: Why a candy shop?
Kristi: Owning a candy store has always been my dream from early childhood. My grandma had a ‘candy cupboard’ in her pantry filled with the sugary stuff.  Her love of candy helped fuel my sweet tooth and it sparked my own love affair with candy.

After college, I tried to bury my sweet tooth and took a public relations job. But the sugar cubes by the coffee machine weren’t enough, and one day while scanning the want ads I saw that The Confectionery was hiring – my dream job! I was hired and after working at the store for 11 years, I fulfilled my childhood dream and purchased the store in 2001.

U Village: What is the most satisfying thing about owning your own business?
Kristi: Interacting with our customers and hearing how much they love the store. I take pride in knowing my customers and products. I enjoy discovering new types of candy, our product lines are carefully chosen and quality is never compromised. I work with an extensive list of vendors and enjoy the opportunity to work with other small business members. I also love my fantastic employees!

U Village: What’s the farthest distance that candy has traveled to get to The Confectionery?
Kristi: We have a line of truffles that comes from France, we carry hard candy, dragees and confetti almonds from Italy and our extensive licorice line is made in Holland and Finland.

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