Q+A with Oiselle

U Village: What is the biggest surprise about being your own boss?
Sally: Even though being your own boss can feel lonely, I’ve been amazed at how much people want to help. Businesses are really just families. When I started designing and selling running shorts, having a kick ass team of empowered women around me was not the goal, but in the end, it’s been the best part.

U Village: Oiselle has an incredible following on social media, what is it about your brand that is so contagious?
Sally: We’ve kept things pretty simple. We love to design and produce premium apparel, and we love to run with our friends. “Go fast, take chances.” is our ethos, but it doesn’t mean we’re all fast runners. It means embracing life’s fullness, and putting our goals out there, even when it feels scary. We share the fact that we’re human (not perfect) on social media, and I believe people relate to that.

U Village: If you had to guess, how many miles have you run in your time as a runner?
Sally: OMG! That’s a crazy question. I’ve been training and racing for almost 30 years!? That’s A LOT of miles, and I’m so grateful for all of them. It might sound extreme, but I owe everything I have to running. It saved me when I was young, and it continues to be the foundation for work, friendships, health, and sanity.

Little known fact: for about 20 of those years, I’ve been meeting my long run group right here in the Village, 7:30am on Sunday mornings. This place has changed, but in many ways, it’s still the special, quirky place it’s always been. I’m super proud to have a shop here.

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